It’s like this: in the Neolithic Age, the place on the Trave (a little river) where I live now was already inhabited. There is also a dolmen in the immediate vicinity.
One always reads that a dolmen is a burial place. But it was made in the Bronze Age.
Originally, dolmens were transmitters. Switching stations, transformer stations, entrance gates into the world of astral communication, built at places of power by the survivors of the sinking of Atlantis.

From a physical point of view, the dolmen resembles mainly an emitter model, the material of the dolmen is quartz sandstone, a mineral with very interesting properties, in particular, the ability under the influence of an electric current to generate compression (piezoelectric effect) as well as to maintain constant oscillations (frequency stabilization).This is the basis of its application in radio technology. Quartz crystals under the influence of an electric current generate ultrasound (reverse piezoelectric effect).It was also found that quartz under mechanical deformation can generate radio waves.

From a toolbox 5000 years ago – found around my garden studio

Tools from the Stone Age
Dolmen Drawing 1839
Drawing 1839
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