Live Music

When the computer entered the music world, I was there. From the beginning. First of all we bought a Commodore C 16 from Aldi German Discounter) and tried it out. Soon it could make clattering, beeping sounds, and we communicated with it in its own language, Basic. Soon the C 64 followed with the first sequencer program, MicroMusic it was called

Around the computer we built a studio, first with a keyboard, Korg M1 it was called. Then came the Atari,1040 ST it was called. The sequencer changed to the Notator SL from C-Lab. The studio grew with the computers, with the sequencers, hard disk recording was added, it was soon like today.

The computer learned more and more, but composing at that time always meant working with small rectangles on the screen. Later, it could also handle waveforms. It had become the central tool of the studio.

In the long run, however, that was not enough for him. Just a tool? No, at some point it became a musical instrument.
And that was the turning point in the world of music. Suddenly he was playing along, recording, playing back, becoming the musician’s partner.

Things became possible that the creator of the twelve-quintuplet ladder, Maria Renold, could not have imagined. In the past, I also could not imagine that there was anything other than the circle of fifths and equal temperament.
Today it is reality. The computer is a musical instrument that can produce infinitely long and infinitely boring meditation music in any tuning (infinite).
So there it ekes out its existence today as, it knows it from before, a rectangle manager for loops, a recording slob, a master maker.

He can adapt to analog instruments, he can fit into a band, as a real-time player.
Or as a soloist, then it can do everything.
No, my dear computer, you can’t.
Because the “everything” is my domain, forever! You are always in time, you can’t help it. The time is always fixed for you.
But I can stretch time, compress it, stay in the present, travel into the past, into the future.
All at the same time, that is LIVE. LIVE is LIFE

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