The journey into the world of cosmic music begins with 1 Hertz.

1 Hertz is the first octave of 128 Hertz.

Inspired by
Rudolf Steiner,
the founder of Antroposophy and by
Maria Renold
and her book “Intervals, Scales, Tones
and the Concert Pitch c = 128 Hz”

Extended and elaborated as a universal frequency model
including all frequencies of creation

This model is a mathematical one, a physical one, based on a law of nature.

C is always Prim, said Rudolf Steiner

Prim is the keynote of a scale. 
What Steiner said at the time has now been proven with the universal frequency model Natural Tuning.

Rudolf Steiner and the frequencies had an intimate relationship. 
He always saw sound as an essential living thing.

Rudolf Steiner

C = 128 Hertz = Sun

Neither sound, nor warmth, nor light, nor electricity are vibrations, any more than a horse is a sum of gallops.
Sound, for example, is an essential torment and the effect of this essential torment when passing through the air is: the vibration.
For the sentient person, the vibration is the cause to imitate the torment in himself;
that is the perception of sound. It is similar with other things: light, etc.”

Source : On the nature of some basic scientific terms,
answer to questions from 1919
(GA 320 – Appendix)

Rudolf Steiner

Maria Renold about 1 Hertz

1 Hertz is 1 second – 1 second is 1 Hertz

 It is well known that the second as a unit of time cannot be found in natural phenomena and is therefore viewed by science as an arbitrary quantity. Now, however, the tone C = 128 Hz belongs to the seventh sub-octave, the C = 1 Hz. By definition, this requires a second of time for an oscillation. It is not perceptible to human ears – the lower hearing limit is around 16 Hz – but physical inaudibility does not rule out effectiveness.

It follows that our time second is by no means an arbitrarily fixed unit. As a time measure of a sub-octave of the tone C = 128 Hz, it is rather anchored in the human being like this tone itself and thus creates a real connection between the human being and the music, insofar as both are integrated into the time stream. One of the main characteristics of music is that it has no spatial shape, but rather that it runs exclusively in time.

Rudolf Steiner said about the future importance of the note C:
“ In addition to the five old notes d, e, g, a, h, f has actually been added to the highest degree, but not the actual c.
That really has to come in first in its whole human sense meaning. “

His statement to K.Schlesinger – C = 128 Hz = sun – can be seen as a gift through which he opened up access to this “real C” for Western mankind. “

Maria Renold p.131 Of intervals, scales, tones and the Concert pitch c = 128 Hz

The quote from Maria Renold means: a second is no different than 1 Hertz

“But the musical is able to present
this Christ impulse in tones, in shaped tones,
in soulful, in spiritual tones once before the world.”
Source: Volume GA 243 – page 234

1 Hz is the tone C
1 Hz is one second
1 Hz is the natural reference frequency of healing music

128 Hz and 432 Hz belong together.
128 Hz is the base frequency of 432 Hz.

That is the all-determining realization since Rudolf Steiner’s statements:
“C is always prime” and “C = 128 Hertz = sun”.