Universal Yoga

Three Soul Powers

Universal yoga means action on the universal path

When thinking frees itself from thoughts,
when feeling frees itself from feelings,
when wanting frees itself from desires,
then the gates of heaven open.

Rudolf Steiner:
“We distinguish between these three soul faculties, thinking, feeling and willing, but in the unified life of the soul they are by no means strictly separated from one another. One should actually say: When we talk about thinking, about imagining, we are talking about a soul ability in which, for example, the will and also the feeling are definitely inside, but it is mainly thinking inside. In the will, on the other hand, there are definitely thoughts inside, but it is mainly will inside. So it is only the most salient that is indicated in the individual soul faculties, while everywhere beneath the surface, one might say, lie the other soul faculties as well.” GA 82, p. 120f

The three soul forces of thinking, feeling and wanting can be freed from thoughts, feelings and desires. Through meditation, concentration, expansion and transformation one can approach this goal.

Meditation – Concentration – Expansion – Transformation – Transfiguration 

The book
The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo was a key inspiration for me.

„All life is yoga“ is one of Sri Aurobindo’s central sentences.

Meditation – Concentration – Expansion – Transformation – Transfiguration
This is my view on yoga.


Most people know what meditation is.
It’s about shutting down the thoughts, feelings and other excitement factors that are buzzing around. Respiratory rate reduction, steady pulse and stuff like that.
No drugs, be careful with caffeine, no nicotine, etc., also restraint with animal protein.


Concentration, that means looking for the point , finding the „spirit spark“ some say, you then already notice what it is about. Intuition is always there when you need it. Of course without confused thoughts, preferably without thoughts at all, if possible..


The point is a living presence that resonates, radiates, when the ego focuses on it.

Like a seed, growth begins.

The seed then changes the ego.
The ego consists of many individual personalities that are gradually dissolved.


An alchemical transformation process begins.

This is the transformation, a transition, a change, a reshaping, a transition from one level of consciousness to another that involves a change in being.

The process begins to have very practical uses, no instructions are needed, everything happens independently, self-explanatory, not always transparent, but always obvious in hindsight.

The transformation consists of countless individual steps.

When the transformation is complete for a realm of reality, then the


This means the permanent transformation of partial personalities of the ego that have crystallized in the course of human development. Under the influence of the Christ radiation, the area is reformatted and reborn, so to speak.

Transfiguration - Painting by Raphael and Sebastiano del Piombo

The Transfiguration is Raphael’s last painting, which he worked on until his death in 1520.
Two scenes from the New Testament,
the transfiguration of Christ on Mount Tabor
and the healing of the moonstruck boy, are related in a unique way in the picture.

From the late 16th century to the early 20th century
, it was considered the most famous painting in the world.

The Lotus Position

For me, the lotus position is an optimal posture for meditation and for sitting in general. The text below is from theWikipedia

The seat style is like a triangle. The location of the triangle creates a strong yang force.

The seven main chakras

The seven main chakras

This is the symbol for the yang force.

In the lotus position, which is based on the shape of a lotus flower, the legs are crossed. 

The sitter usually sits slightly elevated on a rather hard cushion, the knees are in contact with the floor. This results in a very stable triangle as a seat base. 

The upper body is erect, the back straight, the shoulders slightly back so that the head is balanced on the base.

There is also the „half lotus position“ in which only one foot is on the other thigh; the other, on the other hand, lies under the other thigh. This seat is already stable, especially for beginners and good for preparing for the full lotus position.

Hatha Yoga

The lotus position is a body position and is therefore part of Hatha Yoga.
Hatha Yoga (Sanskrit, m., हठ योग, Yogi Hari, from hatha „strength, tenacity, suppression“) is a form of yoga in which the balance between body and mind is achieved primarily through physical exercises (asanas), through breathing exercises ( Pranayama) and meditation is aimed at.
You can choose a few exercises from this area and learn them.
It takes a while to „know“ the exercises. You should do it according to your mood, as you feel it.
Regular routines are good for yoga overall.
Reality is probably structured by these loops in the material world.

Lasting healing always comes from within

Lasting healing is only possible if you can go to a place of healing.

The place is neither inside nor outside, in Sanskrit it is called Loka.
It is a free space, a free area, a free space, a domain, a plane that belongs only to you.
It’s your home, it’s your heritage.

You have the right and power to enter this place and create as you will.

It’s not easy, nothing will ever be the same again.
And then you can’t go back either.

You are the creator of your reality. 

When thinking frees itself from thoughts,
when feeling frees itself from feelings,
when wanting frees itself from desires,
then the gates of heaven open.

While you still have to wait outside the gates, you can use the time and try the path of relative healing.

Because healing is a question of personality development, illness is always a hindrance to development.

Check what you bring in from the outside, food for example and also universal music