Invisible Spirit

Entity One the first power
that is the first thought
that is the image of the Invisible Spirit

Entity One was given enlightenment, incorruptibility, eternal life, truth.

The Invisible Spirit and Entity One created the perfect child,
that is the first light.
The first light, that is the Autogenes was given mind as a companion.

The will of the mind of the first light
created reality by means of the word of the invisible Spirit.

First realtity
Four Luminaries (12 Aeons)

Harmozel –
connected with the aeons
grace, truth, form
Oraiael –
connected with the aoens
perception, providence, memory
Daveithai –
connected with the aeoens
understanding, love, idea
Eleleth –
connected with the aeons
perfection, peace, Sophia (wisdom)

First perfect man

From the foreknowledge
of the perfect mind,
through the revelation
of the will of the
invisible Spirit
and the will of the Autogenes,
the perfect Man (appeared),
the first revelation, and the truth.

Sophia created Jaldabaoth,
the first Archon without the consent of the Invisible Spirit.

Jaldabaoth and his archons created Adam.

Adam was given the power of Jaldabaoth and the power of Sophia.

Apocryphon of John
Categorized as Diary